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Holbeck Viaduct Project

The people of Leeds have a big and beautiful idea: to turn 1.7km of disused railway on top of the majestic Holbeck viaduct into an open public green space. We worked closely with the community to give their mission volume, galvanising the great ambition and setting a manifesto for what happens next.

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Something More Holbeck Logo

The project needed something that was both flexible and easy to use. The repeating forms reflect the collaborative community spirit, while giving a nod to the architectural sense of place.

So Mo Holbeck thumb4

It was vital that the project felt open and evolving – inviting people to imprint their own vision about what it should be.

Something More Holbeck Viaduct Website
Something More Holbeck Viaduct Badge

The feasibility report was a focal point to engage developers, government and industry. A call to attention and action.

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