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Leeds header

Leeds BID

The way you welcome someone says a lot about you. When asked to create a welcome visual at the entrance to Leeds train station, we saw an opportunity to create something iconic. A high visibility opportunity to bring the city’s creativity to the fore.

  • Placemaking
  • Installation
  • Web design
  • Community art
  • Art direction
So Mo Leeeds All

We developed a big typographic sculpture to establish a real sense of arrival. Leaving these forms as open frames allowed them to be spaces for the creativity of others and a canvas for a city’s culture that’s always changing.

Something More Leeds Station Letters7
So Mo Leeds Progress5
So Mo Leeds Progress3
So Mo Leeeds Street Art
So Mo Leeds Street Art Instance1
So Mo Leeds Street Art Instance2
So Mo Leeds Street Art Instance3
So Mo Leeds Street Art Instance4

Featured commissions have celebrated city alumni, international festivals and competitions, local artists and creative studios. They deliberately embrace different visual styles, themes and media. They put the established alongside the emerging so that everyone gets the spotlight.

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Alphabet design studio

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Hungry Sandwich Club

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Kristyna Baczynski

Leeds International Festival

Leeds International Piano Competition

Matt Blak

Meds One

MOBO Awards

Modes of Expression

Rabbit Hole


For us, it's measure of success has been to see it be genuinely embraced by the people of Leeds and those passing through. A signpost for hello, goodbye and everything in-between.

So Mo Leeds Progress1