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Artboard 1 So Mo


A London-based architectural practice who place an emphasis on context, people and the pleasure of experiencing buildings. We developed an identity that reflects their work and values, but without overpowering them. A playful, reactive logo and website continually adapt to surrounding work – underlining the relationships that exist through everything they do.

  • Brand identity
  • Website
  • Brand articulation
  • Design system

Finding a balance between having a personality, but not getting in the way of the content. Everything from the images to the logo can be moved, pulled, dragged and deformed. An experience designed to be both disruptive and invisible.

Something More Pricegore Frames8
Something More Pricegore Layering

Pages work as overlays to create texture and depth. The work is always present to draw you back as a focal point.

So Mo Pricegore App

A hidden playfulness for those looking for it. A logo that reacts to the work around it, dynamically generating swatches from each image and painting as you prod.

So Mo Pricegore Icon
Something More Pricegore Cards1
Something More Pricegore 03 Application