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Performance isn’t exclusive to elite sports or maxed out gym sessions. It’s relevant – and unique – to everyone. By bringing together nutritional support, accessible science and inspirational stories, HMN24 help people to understand and optimise nutrition as part of their daily life.

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HMN24 challenge people to think about their goals and lifestyle choices as part of their broader physical and mental wellbeing. They believe nutrition is fundamental to being at your best, throughout everything you do.

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Everything is built around a 24 hour day – not just a workout session. HMN24 focus on how performance means different things at different times and the need to embrace the body’s natural rhythms.

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An ongoing interview series brings together insight from the world of performance and beyond. Thought leading science sits alongside personal journeys, giving depth to everything from understanding our sleep cycles, to Jiu-Jitsu counter-culture.

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Inspiring stories need to sit alongside pragmatic down-to-earth advice. Why is nutrition important? What is the difference between fact and fad? A simple graphic language gives clarity to complex subjects and makes statistics meaningful.

Events, ambassadors, advocates – all working together to build the HMN24 community.

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