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Vanden teach industry to see plastic waste as a valuable resource, by providing the knowledge and methods to make it a sustainable part of manufacturing. We helped focus their story to challenge perceptions and make real impact on a global scale.

  • Brand identity
  • Brand articulation
  • Writing
  • Animation
  • Design system
Vanden logo

The Vanden identity is bold, impactful and blunt – deliberately loud to underscore the significance of the problem. Rather than frighten, it presents problems as opportunities – and makes doing the right thing also the smart thing.

Vanden Hat

A direct, authoritative tone of voice frames the issues to the key decision makers in industry. It highlights both the economic benefits, and fundamental social environmental credibility. The urgency of the issue is always supported by the practical steps towards doing something about it.

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Something More Vanden Podcast

Vanden helps businesses to look beyond best practice and box ticking, to understand the broader issues. They give context to challenges and ask the bigger questions.

Artboard 1 So Mo

Icons draw reference from the logo, pairing sharp lines with soft curves and the specific angled ‘slice’ of the V.

Vanden Pictograms
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