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York Mediale Event 1

York Mediale

A citywide digital arts festival bringing together pioneering artists from around the world to celebrate York as the first and only UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts. We created a brand identity with a distinct and playful presence to intrigue, inspire and challenge perceptions. Fun, interesting and open for everyone.

  • Brand identity
  • Campaign
  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Brand articulation
  • Installation
  • 3D animation
  • Web design
Somethingmore yorkmediale logo
Something More York Mediale Art Meet The Future

The inaugural festival took the form of a city takeover, transforming cultural landmarks and spilling out onto the streets. It was important the brand could make a noise, but still sit back to let the events and artists be the hero.

York Mediale Event 9
So Mo York Mediable Covers op

The challenge was to showcase the wide spectrum of digital arts in a way that would resonate with unfamiliar audiences. A teaser site launched the brand by presenting it as a series of interactive code experiments, allowing people to experience a flavour of what’s to come. It deliberately blurred the line between brand and content, encouraging people to stay and play.

Something More York Mediale Language

Digital themes were framed away from techno-waffle and towards a more artistic viewpoint that gave a voice to each artist’s work. A curious tone of voice created conversation and challenged you to reflect on what you thought and how things made you feel.

Something More York Mediale Poster2
Something More York Mediale Poster3

Our proposition, which was externalised as ‘Art, meet the future', was born from the idea that the complex and ever changing world of high end art needed to be simplified and made accessible and approachable for a wider audience.

Since the inaugural festival, we’ve helped transition Mediale into an international collective, promoted world-wide residencies and developed playful campaign creative for 2020 festival.